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Todd Girvin
I'm trying to read everything I can on Web services and specifically SOA. In the Desktop Computer Enclopedia, accessed via one of the coolest Internet apps made to date, GuruNet (www.gurunet.com), I found a reference to WSFL: Web Services Flow Language, purportedly from IBM and designed to describe how services relate to each other. Funny that I haven't seen reference to it before. It may address your hope that the messages accepted and sent by a service are related.
Jef Newsom
WSFL is DOA. IBM and Microsoft [among others] teamed on BPEL4WS, which combined IBM's WSFL and MS's XLang. When I speak of relatedness, I am talking less about the conversational relationship and more about the cohesiveness of the service operations. On a somewhat related note, Mike Lehmann from Oracle has a nice presentation on BPEL that distinguishes between choreography and orchestration. The presentation is all black and red and white, giving it a very sinister 80s/90s in-bed-with-the-devil sort of feel. I need to allow basic markup in the comments, apparently... http://otn.oracle.com/tech/webservices/ppt/BPELOverview.ppt

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