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» MonoRail #4: Validation from J.D. Meridth
This post was decided upon after watching Hammet s screencast on using attribute-based validation [Read More]


Brittany Tomaszewski
hi there. so i didnt understand any of that..and you are pretty smart. haha. lol well love yoou!!!! xxoo britt
hey! so i can't reply to your email and...I don't know why..heh..lol. Anyways, I am sooo ready for school to be out!! High School is so over-rated...lol. anyways, uhm..are you guys goin to alex's birthday party? how was Minnesota? okay well im technically not suppost to be doing this being that I am at school, so ill ttyl!! love you!! xxoo
Saved my day. Thanks!
Jason Meridth
Thank you. Saved my contact form while using validation in Castle MonoRail.

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