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Steve Maine
Just a quick bump to let you know that I read this :) I'm a bit backed up from the long weekend... BTW, at least in Windows/DevDiv the term 'ask' has a slightly different connotation. Ironically, it's used when you want to indicate that you're not just looking for a request or favor - you make an ask on a team when you really need them to get this thing done. Example: "Joe from the Foo team had mentioned they were thinking about implementing the FuzzyDice feature, but we're probably going to the make officially make the ask to their management next week because Thingamabobber will be blocked soon without it".
Marc Brooks
For those that wonder about an implementation of UriTemplate you can use right now, I've written a simple opne-source implementation for .Net (1.1 or 2.0) that can read about here http://musingmarc.blogspot.com/2007/06/uritemplate-project-on-codeplex.html

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