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Steve Maine
Thanks Jeff -- keep it coming. One minor point of clarification -- your comment "In WCF, endpoints don't map to Services but rather to methods" isn't quite correct. Our dispatch model is deeply based on the idea of prefix matching -- an endpoint actually listens on the set of all URI's that start with a common prefix (just like a channel does). Within the URI space of the endpoint, we use URI templates to carve up that space and hand parts of it out to different implementation methods on the service. That's how we look at the world on the server, where it's important to keep in mind as it relates to instancing and concurrency behavior. From the outside looking in (i.e. from the client's perspective), it doesn't really matter much if you want to think of 1 service listening on a bunch of URI's or a bunch of logical "services" each listening on a single URI. The distinction doesn't matter so much on the client because it's insulated from those server-side implementation details. Couple more things -- if you want to eschew the serialization stack entirely and just write out strings, you can take a look at the "push style streaming" sample which shows you how to implement asp-net style response.Write(). That sample has a bit of plumbing in it at the moment, but we plan to make that scenario first-class by the time we ship. Finally, in this build operations using UriTemplate="*" or UriTemplate="" will require an trailing slash (service.svc/ vs service.svc)

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