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Scott Hanselman
Wow, fours years later? You're awesome to remember. I totally remember how you crushed my tiny new-blogging spirit...and the tears...oh, the salty years...and now, I shall destroy you! Totally just kidding. Seriously, how did this come up in 2007? Is this the "making amends" step?
Jef Newsom
"Making amends?" - something like that :). Actually, a friend of mine pinged me in email asking about thread agility, HttpContext, etc., and the links led me back to that post. The sad part is that I built a solution and did some stress testing, and I started to create a post explaining that I was wrong and discussing why, e.g. IHttpApplicationStep and friends, staged event driven architectures, why that is actually a really great thing for asp.net. But I never finished it and then got thrown into a project turnaround that took up way too much time. By the time I was finished, it had already popped off the stack and I had moved on to making unvalidated statements about someone else's posts...

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