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Christopher St. John
Icebergs, huh? I was thinking maybe something different, something... chocolate covered :-)
Actually I find regions extremely useful. I regularly collapse various regions while keeping other open, or collapse all of the items within a region to just the declarations. Just because a tool allows you to "mis-use" it, does not make it a poor tool. I typically use some "well defined" region names, and have a set of add-ins that will collapse all open documents completely and then just expand the regions with the desired name. Very handy....
Russ McClelland
Really Jef!? I love regions! They remind me so much of protocols in VisualWorks for organizing methods. We keep a few standard regions that we blow out with a CLASS macro. Some things you rarely use on a frequent basis: Constants, Construction & Finalization, Data Elements. The other things are in regions that we use all the time.
I disagree. Regions help you quickly browse a class and find the method you want.

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